Soda          Blasting          has          been predominantly    used    within    the automotive   restoration   sector   as its     major     benefit     is     it’s     non abrasive        qualities,        enabling coatings         to         be         removed efficiently   without   damage,   heat or    spark    being    inflicted    on    the substrate   it   is   applied   to.   Another advantage   to   Soda   Blasting   is   that it     does     not     inflict     damage     on glass   or   rubber,   easing   the   time and    cost    involved    in    removing pipes,   hoses   and   seals   and   glass ware. With      environmental      concerns these    days,    the    natural    element of   Soda   Blasting   has   been   become popular   within   many   other   areas of           application,           removing antifouling    off    boat    hulls    being
one     of     them.     Other     areas     of application      are      architectural renovation,     especially     around exposing   natural   timber   within old commercial buildings. Industrial    applications    are    also popular       for       Soda       Blasting, including     paint     removal     from heavy   machinery,   cleaning   food grade   equipment,   stripping   back coatings      on      in dustrial      plant fixtures        and        Infrastructure. Statue   cleaning,   graffiti   removal etc. Our Service is Mobile... ...We Come to You! Find out how we can help you... 0800 SODA BLAST   call today!
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